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Over the years Datarim has made many code and database samples available to our clients and user groups. We have now assembled them into one place. Try them out. Send us your feedback. Enjoy !!

SUPPORT: We do not currently have a support forum (but we may partner with someone who does).
COPYRIGHTS: Please keep any references to original authors intact. We want to give credit where due.
LINKS: Since we may update these samples and utilities at any time, the preferred method for sharing is to post links to this page on other sites.
DISCLAIMER: All downloads are provided AS IS and Datarim assumes no liability for their use.

Sample Databases and Code:
  • Sample Forms (v1.1 July 2016)
  • From PNWADG presentation, demonstrates data entry character verification using Input Mask and KeyPressCheck function.
    Plus demonstrates our FieldEdit function control all fields and buttons via the tag property.
    Also shows the MinimizeRibbon and MaximizeRibbon functions.
  • Sample Email with images (v0.1 Sep 2014)
  • Quick VBA code to send email with embedded images. Does not require Redemption library.
  • DC System Information (v2.4 Feb 2018)
  • DC System Information displays a variety of user and system information in one small form.
    IP and MAC addresses, SQL instances, User, computer and domain names, plus common DLL registry locations.
    Registry file list is cusomizable. Also includes quick links to many user and system folders.
    NEW: Sets MS Access trust folders and security. Command line too.
  • DI Shortcuts (v3.5 May 2016)
  • Datarim shortcut creation program automates many of the tasks to deploy Access databases to workstations.
    Copies front-end to workstation. Creates shortcuts on desktop and start menu. Sets Access trust folders and more.
    Zip includes program and documentation.
  • DI Shortcuts User's Reference (PDF) (v3.5 May 2016)
  • Documentation only.